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CP Algebra 2
Instructor: Ms. Tanksley   
Hello! Welcome to Ms. Tanksley's Algebra 2 class! (All Periods)

Although I have been teaching for four years, I am new to Granada Hills and am excited to be here!

Please start by downloading the syllabus, printing it, and bringing in a signed copy. (By Monday 25th).

Also, please make sure you have your supplies.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to the school year! :)

~Ms. Tanksley

Final Study Information
See "Finals Homework" under the homework section to get more information on what to do to prepare for the finals.

Bring your textbook on Monday!
Copies will also be given in class.

Complete this packet for EXTRA CREDIT towards your final grade in class. It will also help you be prepared for the Cumulative final in a few weeks.

Must show neat and complete work for ALL sections in order to get credit. /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Algebra%202B%20Spring%20Final%20Review.docx
Chapter 11 Retakes
If you want to retake the Chapter 11 test, be sure to sign up NO LATER THAN TOMORROW and get started on the Chapter 11 Test in the book on pg. 546. SHOW ALL WORK. For #6, you may skip that one, but instead be sure to look at the examples #1 and 2 on pg. 519-520 to know how to do those problems. #9 and 11 on pg. 521 are more like what you will see on the test.

If you are retaking the test on
Monday 18th ---> It will be due tomorrow
Tue 19th-Fri 22nd --> It will be due Mon. 18th
Tue 26-Thur 28th --> It will be due Fri 22nd.
Week 18, Day 2 HW
Finish the worksheet showing some problems from your sorting activity: /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Sorting%20Activity%20Homework.docx

ALSO for these 3 problems, decide if they are counting, permutations, or combinations,and then solve:

Chapter 10 Retakes
Sign up for Retakes on the Chapter 10 test by Monday 13th. See below for a schedule of times you can retake it.

The following review assignment must be completed BEFORE you can retake your test. If you need additional review or help, come see me during tutorial on Mondays or Thursdays after school, or during lunch.

Log into your Khan Academy account (or create one if you don't have one) and add the class "Logarithm Review" using the code PTEMRP.
Complete ALL the worksheets below:

1) Evaluating Logarithms
2) Evaluating Logarithms 2
3) Understanding Logarithms as Inverse Exponentials
4) Operations with Logarithms

You can search for the videos using the search bar. If you need additional help with the worksheets, watch the videos related to the worksheets or attend a tutorial session.

If you want to retake, you can do it on one of the following days:
-Monday 13th after school
-Thursday 9th at lunch or after school
-Monday 20th at lunch or after school
-Thursday 23rd at lunch or after school
(If none of these times work, let me know Monday and we will find an alternative day and time)

All Retakes must be completed by Friday 24th.

Chapter 10 Study Guide
Here is what you need to know for the test on Thursday! /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Alg2_Ch_10%20Study%20Guide.docx

I will try to stay after school tomorrow and Wednesday if you have questions.

Remember that tutoring is also available in H2 after school on Wednesday!
Week 10 Notes are up!
Score booster for Ch. 9 Test
Log onto Khan Academy with your login and use the code C44FYG to add to my class "Conics (Chapter 9) Review".

Watch as many videos in the Conics section as you want, and do as many worksheets as you want to review.

I will give 2% back for each of the following worksheets that are mastered (3 - 5 green check marks at the top, with no hints). The worksheet with the * will earn 5% back.

Chapter 9 Study Guide

You may use one 3x5 card on the test. Front and back.

Please come to tutorial on Monday if you have questions!
Ch. 8 Test Retake
If you want to retake or do corrections for your test, you must first complete this review worksheet that is due by this Friday 20th. IF you have any questions, see me tomorrow after school (or at lunch).

You must let me know tomorrow if you plan on retaking or doing corrections for the test.

~Ms. Tanksley
Homework Due Tomorrow
For those students finishing the assignment in class today, remember it is due Tomorrow! (If you already turned it in, then you don't need to worry about it). Look for the problems on homework Week 5, Day 2 (remember, you only need to do two from each section).

ALSO, as a general announcement, I have a google document that has resources and links to online helpful sites that are organized by chapter and content level. If you are having any questions on a topic, either ones we are currently working on, or past things (like factoring polyonmials, for example), just look for it on the document! Current topics will be highlighted. I will be adding to it over the weeks. Please let me know if you know of any helpful websites I can add to the document. You can find it by this link: or by looking at the right hand side of the class website under "Links" (under the homework section).

Solution to end of class problem 2/5/15
Here is the solution to the problem you were working on in class today in your groups. Also, see below for what to know for the test tomorrow!

Chapter 8 Review
What you need to know for the test:

-Know how to set up Direct, Inverse, and Joint variation problems.
-Know how to divide polynomials using long division (don't forget about those 0 place holders!)
-Know how to divide polynomials synthetically
-Know each of the theorems we discussed in class:
1) Remainder theorem (Remainder equals the number you get when you plug in "c" or the "root" into the equation)
2) Factor Theorem (Dividing a polynomial by a factor will result in a remainder of 0)
3) Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (Degree of polynomial equals number of roots)
4) Conjugate Root Theorem (Complex factors occur in conjugate pairs, so if a + bi is a factor then a - bi is a factor)
5) Rational Roots Theorem (find the possible roots by finding all combinations of the factors of the constant term divided by the factors of the coefficient of the first term, then test out each root to see which ones work)
-Know how to convert between a root and a factor (Factor is (x - root)
-Know that a large polynomial is made up of smaller factors multiplied together
-Know that you can use the quadratic formula to find the roots of a degree 2 polynomial
-Know how to tell if something is a root or a factor of a polynomial by dividing by the factor and seeing if you get a remainder of 0 (See remainder theorem) or plugging in the root to see if the polynomial equation equals zero.

I will also be posting a solution to the problem we did at the end of class in just a few minutes!...
Chapter 8 REview Homework Answer Key
Odds are in the back of the book. Here are the evens:

2) b
4) c
6) c
8) a
Helpful Resources
Attention Algebra 2 Students! I have created a couple files on the bottom of this website to help you outside of class when you have questions on homework or miss a class day. Please use these resources to help stay on track with the class. Continue to see me during tutorial if you have additional questions:

1) Notes for the week will be posted under "Semester B Notes"
2) I am attaching a link to a google file that has a list of helpful websites and other resources for each chapter we cover in class. RIght now I only have links for Chapter 8 but I plan on adding things for last semester as well if you need review in anything during the year. If you have any suggestions for sites that have been helpful to you, please let me know so I can add them and we can all benefit from it! :) You will be able to find this link under "Links" on the right side of the page under the homework assignments.

Chapter 8 Notes and Challenge Problem
Chapter 8 Notes have been posted on the bottom of the page under the folder "Semester B Notes".

Also, here is the solution to the challenge problem that was posted:

x^2 + (3 + i)x - 3 + 3i + 3/(x - 1)

Chapter 1-4 Review Notes
For those of you who need extra review from 1st semester, I am posting the notes from Ch. 1-4. The remaining chapters were already posted.

Look for "files" at the bottom of this page.
Ch. 7 Review
Here is a review of the Chapter 7 Notes if you want to use that to help study for the final.

Good luck, and get some sleep tonight! :)/modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Chapter%207%20Review.pptx
Practice Final
Use this Practice Final to help prepare for the Final. Answers are attached. /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Algebra%202A%20Practice%20Final%20Exam.pdf
Here is a study guide with all the topics we have covered this semester, organized by chapter.

Please print out and use to help you study for the final.

Start looking at what you know and what you need to focus on for your review.

More information about the final to come soon.../modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Final%20Ch_%201-7%20Study%20Guide.docx
Ch. 6 Test Corrections
If you got less than 70% on the Ch. 6 Test, you can do corrections to improve your grade.

You must do the following:

A) Sign up for a time to do corrections next week. (See me this week for sign-ups).

B) Hold on to your test. You must have the original test to do corrections.

C) Do the following review assignments on KhanAcademy (must get at least 3 in a row correct to pass each section):
1) Adding and Subtracting Radicals
2) Radical Expressions
3) Extraneous solutions to radical equations
4) The imaginary Unit and COmplex Numbers
5) Adding and Subtracting complex numbers
6) Multiplying complex numbers
7) Dividing Complex Numbers

The Khan Academy assignments will be due by TUESDAY DEC 9th.


Let me know if you have any questions.
CH. 5 Review
If you want to retake the Chapter 5 test, here is what you must do. This assignment will be due by Monday November 17th. You may sign up for a time to re-take the test in class.

Create an account on KhanAcademy using your school email. If you already have an account you may use that one. Use the following guide to be added to the correct class:
Period 1:
Period 2: 4RPH4G
Period 4: BTQN8K
Period 5: SY697Z

Complete the following activities. You must get 3 in a row correct to earn a badge. You must get 3 in a row correct for each section. Watch a video if you need extra help understanding:

1) Simplifying Expressions 3
2) Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions 2, 4, and 6
3) Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions 3
4) Solving Rational Equations 2

Here are the instructions for the Plant Project assignment, due on Friday Nov. 7th. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. If you did not complete the assignment, you still have an opportunity to do it for partial credit. /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Plant%20Project%20Make-Up%20Instructions.docx
Helpful Videos for Ch. 5 Test
Attention students, if you are struggling with Equations involving Rational expressions (and finding an extraneous solution) check out these helpful videos!

Good luck. See you tomorrow!
Ch. 5 Test
The chapter 5 test is next Tuesday!!

Please review the following notes /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Ch_%205%20Review.pptx and complete the study guide assignment. /modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/285/4612200/File/Alg2_Ch_5%20Study%20Guide(1).docx
Solution to Example Problem in Class 10.27
Here is the solution to the practice problem in class with explanations! :)

Extra Credit Assignment
Hello Students! For extra participation credit, please create a Khan Academy account online USING YOUR GRANADA HILLS EMAIL ADDRESS Follow the link, and click on the green button that says "Start Learning Now". Click below the facebook and google buttons and click on "sign up with email". Finally, once you are in the website, click on "coaches" and add the following code in the top box: FAT3BU. Then click "join class".

Algebra 2 Review Study Guide
Remember that the Chapter 4 test is this Friday!
For the test, you should know:
-All the vocabulary terms
-All the rules and special cases (memorized)
-How to solve the example problems for each lesson.

I will be offering tutoring tomorrow after school (7th period) for students who want extra review.

Here are two study guides: The first one is brief and just shows an overview of what you need to know.
The second is more detailed and shows the notes from class including the examples.
Ch. 4 Test and Review
Attention students, we will be having the Chapter 4 test this Friday!! Please start reviewing your notes now, and seek out tutoring if you have any questions.

I have posted a mandatory review under HW due 10/10. More review/study materials will follow.

Let me know if you have questions!

~Ms. Tanksley
Homework Change for Period 1
Attention students from P1, I changed the homework slightly for Monday. Since I gave you an additional part of the plant project to complete, you only need to do Pg. 176 #14-30 evens. Please remember to also put a star by the problems that involve one of the three special products we reviewed today.

Please spread the word to your fellow classmates!
Ch. 1-3 Test NEW study guide
Here is an updated study guide that has example problems from the book for each type of problem. Not all of the problems will show up on the test, but any of them could, so please study and be prepared.

Remember, I am staying for 7th period Thursday if you have questions.
Chapter 1-3 Test
The Chapter 1-3 test will be this Friday 19th! Please prepare by starting to study now.

Remember I will be available 7th period on Thursday 18th for any questions. You can also come see me during lunch.

If you need additional tutoring, please sign up at the AHA office in the library.

The Chapter 1-3 Study Guide is available at the bottom of the website under "files", and I will post example problems later as well.
Homework Answers for Tue 16th
Since this is a public site, I don't want to post the HW answers here. If you were in 1st Period and needed to see the last few homework answers for the homework due today, Tue 16th, send me an email or come by during lunch today.
Algebra Homework Page
Attention students. I forgot to put the page number for tonight's homework. It is pg. 121. It should be updated now.
New Homework Posted and Get Textbook!
Hello students. This is a reminder that tomorrow's homework has been posted.

Please remember to also bring both warm-ups from the past two days (keep these in your Math Binder/Notebook)

Also, please make sure to get your textbook and bring it to class tomorrow.

~Ms. Tanksley
Hello students,

Welcome to the website! This is a reminder to download the syllabus, and have your parents sign the bottom of the page. Please also get your supplies. I will be posting the power point from today if you have any questions.
 Algebra 2 Course Outline.doc
Algebra 2 Course Outline/Syllabus
 Homework Format.docx
Correct Homework Format
 Notebook Set-Up Format.jpg
Notebook Set-Up Format
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